Welcome to the MATCH Chess Curriculum Blog

Welcome to the MATCH Chess Curriculum

Welcome to our blog.  We are so glad you are here. With the launch of our new website, we have decided to start a brand new blog focused specifically on making the jobs of teachers, coaches, parents and others who are teaching (or want to teach chess) easier.  We plan to focus on the following:

Tips and lesson ideas to help boost your success as a chess teacher/coach.

  • Chess-related activities that focus on specific skills in a fun and engaging way.
  • Activities to help integrate chess with traditional subjects
  • Unit study ideas
  • Optional or enrichment activities
  • Classroom management

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The MATCH Curriculum Printed Manuals have Arrived!

MATCH Chess Curriculum Manuals

We are so excited.  We just received the first finished copies of the printed versions of our chess curriculum’s Teacher and Student Manuals.  The manuals have been a part of our curriculum in the form of pdfs throughout the testing period, but now they will be available in book format for those who would rather not have to print out copies.

All in the same day, we’ve begun to see first drafts of our new website.  A big thank you to the folks at Jumbula for making it happen.  You can check out the progress on at www.chesscurriculum.io.