Learn Chess with Pawn Mower ~ Printable Puzzles (Part 1, Rooks)

Pawn Mower puzzles are a great way to teach beginning students how the pieces move. Young players, in particular, often struggle to remember how all of the pieces move if taught all in one sitting.  The puzzles allow students to focus on one piece at a time until each piece is mastered.

Begin by teaching them how one piece moves. Before moving on to another piece, let them do Pawn Learn Chess with Pawn Mower Rook Moves
Mower puzzles featuring that piece until you are confident they have mastered its movement. The younger the player, the longer you will need to spend on each piece. Don’t worry, they will have fun with the puzzles, so they won’t mind if it takes some time. If they do, it might be a sign that they are ready to move on.

Once all the pieces have been taught, all that remains is to teach them how pawns move, a couple of special moves, and wa la…they can play a game of chess.

Some kids learn faster if the puzzles are initially set up and solved on a chess board.

Click here for a free downloadable and printable pdf of puzzles focused on the rook. Pdfs for the other pieces can be found following these links for  the RookBishop Knight and Queen.

We have included a bunch of rook puzzles in the booklet, but if that’s not enough you can skip around in the Combo Edition and do as many of the easy puzzles as necessary to master this chess piece.

Author: Teresa Parr

Teresa L. S. Parr, Ph.D has a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. She has spent years working with families and children of all ages in a variety of therapeutic, educational, medical, and research settings. Dr. Parr's undergraduate and graduate work was completed at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her clinical internship was completed at the University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill. Her scholarly writing has been published in book chapters and research articles in the field of psychology. In addition to her work on the curriculum, she is an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University and collaborates with other researchers, schools and community organizations to conduct studies on the benefits of chess for improving cognitive functions.

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