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Chess is not just a game

It is an interactive, mind expanding tool for teaching people how to think critically, analyze deeply, and solve problems effectively. It has been used for over 1,500 years all around the world by kings and queens, athletes and entertainers, philosophers and politicians and by parents and teachers to better train and develop the human mind to reach its maximum potential. It has been used by schools in over 30 countries to help teach effective decision-making, foster self-esteem, enhance concentration and promote academic success.

With unique and proven instructional methods combined with latest technology on a dynamic platform, this site will teach chess to the next generation in an engaging and captivating way.

Dynamic Instruction

Complex concepts are broken down into digestible bits that students master one at a time through engaging activities that are fun in their own right. As each idea is mastered, students will be able to combine the concepts more effectively once they start playing full chess games.


The lessons were designed to teach chess in an engaging and easily digestible way. Interactive games challenge students in a fun way so that learning takes place without them even knowing it. The games are built in such a way to strengthen key skills in all areas preparing the students not just to become better chess players but to transfer the skills to school and to life.


"Chess has taught my kids more than any other subject"

~Dr. Fred Loveland
Panama City Schools

"Not only have the reading and the math skills of these students soared, their ability to socialize has increased substantially too."

Joyce Brown
Assistant Principal
Roberto Clemente School, NY

"Chess has instilled me with a strategic mindset for approaching any problem in any context."

Alisa Melekhina,
US Women’s Olympiad team member,
University of Pennsylvania Law School graduate,
Lawyer at Debevoise and Plimpton, LLP

“Chess is the foundation of my approach to solving problems both in my personal and professional lives. Playing chess made me a creative thinker capable of analyzing problems from multiple perspectives.”

Antonio Lora,
Risk Management - Cornell University graduate,
Assistant VIce President,
Operational Risk Stress Testing at Synchrony Financial,
Member of 1993 Dark Knights middle school chess team

“Chess has allowed me to open my brain to various possibilities and ideas. Since I'm always thinking and overthinking, it has made me passionate/dedicated/motivated about everything I do.”

Rochelle Ballantyne | Stanford University- Class of 2017,
member of IS 318 National Junior High Chess Championship team

"Playing chess resulted in my mind starting to think "outside the box" …(a)nd appreciating the tons of variations in different situations."

Charu Robinson,
Degree in Criminology via University of Maryland,
member of Raging Rooks 1991 National Junior High School Chess Championship team.

"Chess teaches you to control the initial excitement you feel when you see something that looks good and it trains you to think objectively when in you're trouble."

Stanley Kubrick - film director,
screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor, and photographer

"Chess is a miniature version of life. To be successful, you need to be disciplined, assess resources, consider responsible choices and adjust when circumstances change."

Susan Polgar - Olympic and World Chess Champion,
chess teacher and coach, writer,
head of the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE)

"Chess is the gymnasium of the mind."

Blaise Pascal - mathematician, physicist, inventor, writer, philosopher


Our curriculum develops those aspects of chess thought to improve the cognitive skills kids need to be successful in our rapidly changing world. While the focus on content is important, we emphasize critical thinking, multiple ways of solving problems, thinking ahead, understanding other people’s perspectives and developing persistence and determination.

Can you really teach chess even if you aren’t a strong player?

Teaching chess can be hard to manage if you aren’t a strong player. Our curriculum uses a well-tested slideshow format to eliminate the need for flipping back and forth in a chess book or arranging complicated diagrams on a demonstration board. All you need to know is right there on the screen. No need to spend hours on detailed planning. The work has already been done for you. The lesson plan and sample schedule are at your fingertips.
Still don’t think you can do it? We have tested and revised the curriculum many times with people just like you who have little to no previous experience with chess. But don’t take our word for it. Click on the video below to hear from one of our teachers.


Delivering content where you need it

iDevices or Android? Windows or Mac? No problem.

Our curriculum is web-based so that you can use it on any device with a web browser that can connect to the internet. Teachers often connect one device to a screen to show the lesson and pull up the lesson plan or answer sheets on their phone or tablet. All the information you need to conduct a rich, interactive lesson at your fingertips.


With no previous knowledge of chess and very little prep time, a motivated beginner can use this program to teach chess in a dynamic, interactive manner. In less than the time it takes to watch a sitcom, a teacher can be prepared to teach lessons that will impact the lives of their students forever.


Do you want to integrate chess into your classroom, start a chess club, teach a few kids, or run a full-fledged chess program? Everything you need is here. Short, engaging lessons. Clear video and written instructions. Easy tracking method. Integrated connections to academic subjects. Fun homework and enrichment activities. All so you can focus on what you do best: engaging students.

About Us

Maurice Ashley

Maurice Ashley lives his passion. Through his love for chess, he not only made history as the first African-American International grandmaster in the annals of the game but he has managed to translate his love to others as a national championship coach, world-class commentator, tournament organizer, author, iPhone app designer, puzzle inventor, and motivational speaker. Maurice has travelled the world as an ardent spokesperson of the character building effects of chess. Coming from the rough and tough streets of Kingston, Jamaica and Brooklyn, New York, Maurice has tirelessly shared his compelling story with young people in the schools of Ferguson, Missouri, the townships of Cape Town, South Africa and the poverty stricken jungles of Belize, Central America. His book, Chess for Success crystallizes his vision of the many benefits of chess, particularly for at-risk youth, and he continuously spreads his message of living one's dream to universities, businesses, chess clubs and nonprofit organizations around the globe. Maurice is known for his work commentating on the biggest chess events in the world including the World Chess Championships, the US Chess Championships, the Grand Chess Tour and the legendary Man vs. Machine matches between Garry Kasparov and IBM’s Deep Blue. He is the co-organizer of the Millionaire Chess Open, the highest stakes Open chess tournament in history. His app, Learn chess! With Maurice Ashley, has been sold in over 30 countries, and he has received multiple community service awards from city government, universities, and community groups for his work. In recognition for his immense contribution the game, Maurice was inducted into the US Chess Hall of Fame on April 13, 2016.

Teresa L. S. Parr, Ph.D

Teresa Parr has dedicated her career to improving the lives of children and families. She has spent years working with families and children of all ages in a variety of therapeutic, educational, medical, and research settings. She consults, trains and speaks on a variety of topics in the fields of education and psychology including, but not limited to, the benefits of chess and implementation of the MATCH Chess Curriculum. In 2007, Dr. Parr partnered with GM Maurice Ashley to amplify the benefits of his chess knowledge, experience and innovative training methods with her expertise in psychology and education. In this context, she has focused on methods for engaging children with diverse interests, skills and backgrounds, emphasizing those aspects of chess thought to improve specific academic and life skills, and improving generalization by integrating other subjects into the chess curriculum. In addition to collaborating on content development, she manages the print and digital publication processes and general business operations. Dr. Parr's doctorate is in clinical psychology. Her undergraduate and graduate work were completed at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her clinical internship was completed at the University of North Carolina Medical School at Chapel Hill. Her dissertation was in the field of behavioral genetics, and her scholarly writing has been published in book chapters and research articles in the field of psychology. In addition to her work on the curriculum, Dr. Parr is an adjunct professor in the Psychology Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. She also collaborates with other researchers, schools and community organizations to conduct studies the potential benefits of chess for improving academic and behavioral performance.

Ashley Parr

Ashley Parr, LLC is a collaborative effort between Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley and Teresa Parr, Ph.D. All of our products combine the unique methods GM Ashley has used successfully for over 20 years for developing visualization skills, focus, concentration and coolness under pressure augmented by Dr. Parr's expertise in psychology and education. Using the latest research in education, psychology and neuroscience, our products and services are designed to improve chess skills while maximizing its potential as a catalyst for success in other areas. Ashley Parr, LLC publishes the MATCH Chess Curriculum, which includes the comprehensive program available through this website and three hardcopy manuals. Ashley Parr has also published a chess scorebook designed just for kids and five volumes of the Pawn Mower puzzle books including the Combo and Deluxe editions that are available on our website, Amazon and through various chess vendors. Our company provides consultation and training to schools and other organizations in a number of areas related to using the chess curriculum, developing effective and engaging chess programs, and starting and managing chess-focused businesses. We also provide comprehensive and engaging chess camps, speakers for related events, and short-term chess programs. Ashley Parr, LLC is committed to facilitating a better understanding of the benefits of chess and identifying the components of chess that are most effective in boosting success. To this end, we collaborated with Dr. Michelle Ellefson from the University of Cambridge and Dr. Zewelanji Serpell from VCU in a large-scale multi-year research project funded by the Institute of Educational Science to study the potential of chess as a tool for improving executive functions (follow our blog to keep up-to-date as results are released).


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